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We are the top recommended long distance moving service provider in all of San Jose. But we’re not tooting our own horn, our happy customers such as Stephanie Wilder, proudly express their praises like in the comment below:

“From the very beginning, our mover was patient in helping me create my moving list and estimate. I even changed my inventory several times, which was never a problem considering he has the patience of a Saint.

Despite any changes, S.J. Long Distance Movers quotes were always better than any other competitors. Then came moving day, typically a dreadful experience for any sane person was an even a better experience plus my movers arrived early, perhaps “too” early considering I was practically rubbing the sleep out of my eyes by the time they showed up to my door.

My movers were personable, diligent, and amazingly fast. Nothing was broken and everything arrived at my new designation. Even at the end of the day, my mother shared how impressed she was. (a compliment equivalent to seeing a unicorn.) This is my fourth move in NYC and the best. I will never use another mover.”

Stephanie Wilder

So what does Stephanie’s experience say about us, our values, and what we stand for?






We are FAST.


In other words…

…we get the job DONE!

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Let’s face it, moving cross-country to ANY location in America is not exactly anyone’s definition of “happy traveling”. There’s loads of planning, paperwork, phone calls, emails, packing, miscellaneous errands, and not to mention stress. This is to be expected, of course. You’re practically moving your entire life; leaving everything you built, be it business or personal relationships, behind for a new life chapter.

Frankly, we don’t have the power to change anyone’s perception of the moving experience, especially a long-distance travel, but we certainly can make YOUR moving experience the most pleasurable it has ever been and will likely ever be.

Forget about picking just “any” moving company offering our services. A move like yours is not your average “hop, skip, and walk across town”. That’s why we trained our drivers to deal with complex scenarios, hiccups, and problems that are bound to happen along the way. We rarely experience smooth transitions regardless how prepared we are. It’s the nature of our business. But our guys are calm and level-headed and prepared to handle any potential problems that may occur along the way.

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